Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So I've been M.I.A Since like what...Christmas!? Lots has changed! I quit Pier One! :] I chopped off my hair. It's brunette/ red not blonde. lol I serve sushi...lol. It's good money. I'm moving out of my house SUNDAY.

My parents have NO IDEA....Yeah...Idk how to tell them. If I tell them before hand they'll take my clothes and everything. I paid for that stuff... UGH. So...nerve wrecking.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It that time again....

Resolutions!!! UGH! Don't you hate them. Always feels like you're setting yourself up for disappointment!? Oh well...We still do it anyways lol.

1. Eat Healthier
2. Work out more.
3. Be a size 4
4. More veggies. More fish. Less beef.
6. Update more.
8. Be a better friend.
9. Save money. No more careless spending!
10. =] Smile more.

What are some of YOUR resolutions....Only 2 people read this thing. lol...But I'll ask any how.

Friday, December 12, 2008

On my way for the day I find no sorrow
Everyday is all the same there's no tomorrow
And I feel like I feel Cause it's cold here where you left me
Hey I think that someday I might need you somehow
I, I think I might have loved you
These things I said but you were
A million miles away A million miles away
On my way for the day I find my heart is not for taking
And I know it's all but gone
It only served to make me cry
And I feel like I feel Cause it's black here with your memory
On my way for the day I find no sorrow

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been gone a little while sorry. I don't really have too terribly much today these days. Disappointing I know. But can you believe its only 2 weeks away from Christmas!? I'm EXCITED MUCHO! I've been working ALOT though. Big changes in my future! I'm so excited! xxoo

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm reading a book called One Heartbeat Away - your journey into eternity-. It's a fantastic book. Written about the idea and concept of GOD and looking at eviedence to prove or disprove His existence. Though I've just started the book makes so many excellent points...
The guy starts out by saying that the choices we make every SECOND are so important because our heart beats 100,000 times a day...but for each beat there is NO promise that one will follow and each one could be the last. So when faced with you belief and religion you need to know what you believe and what you don't and you need to make sure that belief is the right belief. It really is a scary thought without GOD and Heaven. What do you believe?
I know in my mind I’m asking how you can not believe in GOD. I know that some people would look at me and say how can you believe in GOD? I have an answer it's real and true to me and I wouldn't have to hesitate and try to come up with an answer that I would stumble all over. What about you. And I hate the "Life is just not that easy" excuse. I didn't have and easy life. My dad left when I was 2, I was abused and raped as a child, I suffered from depression, and I've lost so many of the best friends in life. So that excuse isn’t going to cut it.
When it comes down to it what do you have to lose? How wrong could the idea of GOD and Heaven be? It’s HOPE. Hope in something better than nothing. So what if we’re wrong so what if you think there is nothing after this. I’d like to believe you’re wrong. I’d like to believe there is a whole new better life for me. A life without suffering. Can you honestly say my belief is BAD? I don’t see the harm. Even if you call it false hope if I die I’d never know. So I’d like to spend my life living for everything instead of living for nothing.
All things point to His existence. Just look at the world around you. The sunset so beautifully painted up in the sky; it had to have had a painter. The people had to have a creator, a molder if you will. The perfect conditions for us to even exist; don’t you think that required a highly knowledgeable designer? It wasn’t just by random chance that we’re here. We’re not an “accident” no magic was required. Just love and patience and who is a better example of love and patience other than our LORD and Savior? It just far too complicated of a world to have come together by chance.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Already!

Its November. Thanksgiving day to be exact. Its crazy. Time has just flown by. It seems its true the older you get the faster time seems to go by. I'm only 20!!! But the time I'm 35 I'll be getting whiplash from how quickly time is flying by.

It's less than a month until Christmas! (:

Monday, November 24, 2008

You are EXACTLY my brand of heroin...

Well hello there. Its been a while. Sorry. I mean I know no one really reads this thing. Its pretty much for my own sanity I suppose but whatever.

So I got sucked into the Twilight series. While its write for the 12 -16 year old girls the book blew my mind. Not because it was like a fantastic work or anything but... the characters of Edward and Bella are so. I don't know. I mean I couldn't relate to them really. But I found my self longing for the cnnection they had. It was strong and I donno. Very true, real, and honest. So amazing. Something that you Should want. :) Everyone is sooo absorbed in these books and I can clearly see why. I found my self HAVING to read the books ,wanting to, if I wasnt I was left feeling...kind of empty? Its was...wierd.. But the books provide an escape. A little fantasy world. Something i needed. Something I haven't had in a long time...A way out of the world and all its pain and sorrow, all of the stress and frustartion. I got so into them. After finishing Twilight I immediatly went out and got the sequle New Moon. I finished it cover to cover 18 hours I read with out stopping. I had to know. I'm buying the 3rd Eclipse tomorrow. 3 days since I read of Edward and Bella...I'm gong insane. I found my self pulling for the couple to make it through. At the same time I sort of fell for Edward..(as much as you can for a fictional character). He the type of guy you would kill to have. Perfect gentleman, honest, mysterious, alittle dangersous(ok ok I know MORE than a little), protective, and all around loving. The I'm breaking the rules to be with her because I love her that much type...