Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am NOT thrilled with the election of Obama.
But what I am even more upset about is the number of people who say I don't like it b/c he is black. Let me just tell you. I do not have a care in the world what color our President is. That is the LAST thing in this world that I care about. I am not racist or prejudice against race of any sort. I am a very accepting person. So you can get that mess out of your head.

Now. I do not think Obama should be president YET! I think that he is not prepared for the responsibility of making choices for a nation. I do not think he is ready to take the responsibilty of the nation. I think that in a few more years he would make a wonderful president. However, I do feel that if the roles were reversed and it was Biden/ Obama. I think it would be a wonderful mix. I think Obama should give it a trial run as VP. Biden is soo much smarter in Forigen Policy than I think Obama is. I don't think he's gonna be good for the Economy either. I just don't think he is someone I can trust with a whole nation.

It is not because he's black. It not b/c the circulating rumor that he is the anti christ, it not b/c his middle name is Hussin. Its because I simply do not feel he is prepared for such a huge responsibility.

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