Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween!!! I love Halloween! Its great, but as the day really started to approach i realize it really just snuck up on me. It was here before I really knew it.
See I work in the world of retail. [lame I know]. And we started putting out CHRISTMAS decorations 2 weeks ago. I just messed me all up for real. It's kinda of sad. I really have started to see that everything going on around us really set the bar for pretty much any and everything. And I'm feel a little robbed. I know that sounds silly but I really enjoy gettting the most out of every single day, but I kind of feel like with all that going on...I didn't really get to...I was so wrapped up in Christmas that I forgot that it was October and the Halloween hadn't even come and gone yet. ]:
So like I said I feel a little robbed. I didn't realy get the most out of this month. If that makes sense. Maybe i am just payco? lol.
Our world has just become sooo fast paced.

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